Chen Style 18 Form - DVD

This form is one of the most popular Chen Style Forms in the world today.

Product Description:  * (Difficulty: Beginner Level)

This is one of the most popular Chen Style Forms in the world today.

It was created by by Grand Master ZhengLei Chen, a 19th generation descendant of the Chen family, the 11th generation direct-line successor of Chen family Taijiquan.

* He is one of the “Four Buddha Warriors of the Chen Village”

* This Video is available on Digital Streaming directly to you - Price $20.00

* This form is a short version of Tai chi composed of eighteen movements, which is based on the traditional 74 Chen (Old Frame, Lao Jia Yi Lu).

This DVD video teaches the Chen Style 18 movements posture-by-posture with repetition and explanation by Master Norman Smith. in English.

* Additional Chen style drills (available on the streaming download)

*  The entire routine is demonstrated in Full and explain fully in a Classroom setting.

* Master Smith will break down the form and include som Chen style drils 

 It is a good reference for home study, or a resource for instructor's teaching preparation.  Suggest 25 class hours.

* (Difficulty: Beginner Level). DVD, (60 minutes)

NEW:  Now Available on Ditigal Streaming Download (directly to you)

You can Play it on any screen Device (such as celll phones, Ipad, etc)

* Master Smith is also available seminar(s) Contact: 610-631-9200