King of the Mountain Straight Sword

King of the Mountain Straight Sword

The sword acquires its name from the gleaming white-silver cold steel of its blade.

This sword is exquisitely hand crafted of ancient Huali wood and the finest forged steel by top artisans.

Advanced practitioner would appreciates the fine quality, weight balance point, and the sturdy blade.

* Trimmed with ornamental antique 100% brass and perfectly balanced, it is striking both in appearance and function.

* Can be used for both Tai Chi and traditional Kung Fu.

* This sword blade is not sharpened. Comes with carrying bag

Overall length: 39 in. with 28 in. blade. Blade length available: 28 in., 30 in. , 32 in., & 34 in. Total weight: 4 lbs. 2 ounces Sword weight: 2 lbs. 12 ounces. Handle length: 8.5 in.