Combat Double Deer Horns

* Combat Double Deer Horns (Pair) Meridian (Deer Horn) Axe

Traditional Baguazhang utilizes a unique weapon called the Deer Horn sword. Recognizing the advantages of training and fighting with two weapons, these stiff high-carbon steel Deer Horn swords are always used as a pair. - Sold in Pairs

These Combat Double Deer Horns are made of hand-forged, high carbon steel and sold as a pair.  The pair is "halved"; each Deer Horn has a flat side, allowing them to be held flush together.

Approximate Total Measurement (per Deer Horn):11.5 in. x 8 in.

  • Approximate Weight (per Deer Horn): 1.2 lb. 
  • (It's weight is about 2.3 Lbs per pair)
  • Approximate Top Hook Lengths: 5.5" (longer) and 2.75" (shorter)
  • Approximate Bottom Hook Lengths: 3" (longer) and 1.5" (shorter)
  • Unsharpened edges
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