Combat Steel Kwan Dao

Combat Steel Kwan Dao * Note: This item is out of stock at this time

This combat kwan dao is used in martial arts training for strength building.

This Combat Kwan Dao has a high carbon steel head and a stainless steel shaft (painted black).

The upper portion is approximately 25 1/4" long and 7 1.4" wide.

This Combat Kwan Dao weighs 9 lbs and the overall length is 86" the guard is made of brass. 

The Kwan Dao is used quite frequently in the part of contemporary Wushu derived from the Shaolin or Wudangquan form of martial arts in modern times.

lade Length: 25 1/4 in.

 Blade Width: 7 1/4 in.

 Blade Material: High Carbon Steel

 Shaft: Stainless Steel (painted)

Approximate Weight: 9 lbs.

Overall Length: 86"

Guard: Brass