Combat Steel Horse Knife

* Combat Steel Horse Knife (Pudao)

Product Description: 

The Combat Steel Horse Knife blade, unlike most long-handled broadswords, is a full-length high carbon steel blade (stiff) and it is especially heavy and broad compared to the single-handed weapons for incredible chopping force.

Where the broadsword slices by drawing its curved blade across the target, the Horse Knife brutally hacks in a fashion more similar to a machete or cudgel. By virtue of its long handle and ring-shaped counterbalance, the Horse Knife is far from unwieldy and has many techniques in common with both the staff and Kwan Dao.

Overall: 71.5 in.

Blade: 28 in.  

Handle to end of ring: 44 in.

Handle diameter: 1.25 in.

Weight: 7.5 lbs.