Custom Kung Fu Sash with Fringe

* Custom Traditional Kung Fu Sash (s) with Fringe

* These Sashes are Custom Made in Cotton Material which are much durable without worry about sash slipping off your waist.

* The sashes come with fringes and is perfect for you to exhibit your level of mastery in Kung Fu.

* Your level of mastery increases day by day so does the worth of this product.

* These are the old school type of Sashes made with cotton material which has a more comfortable fit.

* These Elegant Kung Fu Sash(s) are a great thing to have if you want to boast your achievements in a Kung Fu school.

 These are a great item to have in which you can make you look special and stand out.

* The product is available in many colors: black, brown, white, red, yellow, orange, blue, green, gold and purple.

* This is a perfect and special product for you to buy.

* Double-Layered Kung Fu Sash with Tassel in Cotton or Satin. 


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