Horse Knife

The Horse Knife aka Pu dao ( Light weight Pudao)

The Horse Knife aka Pu dao is a member of the Tai Dao (long-handled broadsword) family and is the brother of the infamous Kwan Dao.

* This Light weight Pudao-Long Handle Horse Chopping Knife is lightweight and flexible for wushu practitioners.

Where the broadsword slices by drawing its curved blade across the target, the Horse Knife brutally hacks in a fashion more similar to a machete or cudgel. By virtue of its long handle and ring-shaped counterbalance, the Horse Knife is far from unwieldy and has many techniques in common with both the staff and Kwan Dao.

* This Horse Knife has a chrome steel blade with circular guard attached to a wood shaft.  

It weighs 3.10 lbs. The Horse Knifes Blade has a moderate flex.

* Measures approximately 28 in.with overall height approximately 66.5 in.

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