Kung Fu Belts- Extra Long

Kung Fu Corded Belts- Extra Long * Finally Kung fu Belts for Adults

Product Description:  * Finally Kung fu Belts for Adults

Kung Fu Solid Cord Belts and Cloud Pattern Belts.

These Extra Long Kung fu Belts are machine made using a thicker material, and is much larger in overall size.

The material is thick but soft, and the cord is much thicker than our Traditional Cord Belts.

These are perfect for someone who either would like more support around their mid section, or would like to have cord wrap around more than once.

* Solid Colors are currently available are white, yellow, blue, red, and black

Cloud Pattern colors currently available are Blue and Black.

- Approximate Dimensions -

Cord - 38 in.

Belt - 38 in.

Belt Thickness - 3 in.

Overall Length - 114 in.

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