Nunti Bo

Nunti Bo (fishing spear)


Nunti Bo (Fishing Spear) is used in a similar way as the Bo.

The central staff has two prongs, one facing away and one facing toward the opponent.

It can be used to Spear, Strike, or Hook the opponent with the backward Prong.

* Approx 83 in. overall – 68 in. shaft. Approx 4lb 10 oz .

* Chrome Plated steel and Red Oak Wood. 

* This Product is custom made so weight, color, and sizing my vary. 

* Custom made can not be returned or refunded.  (Usually have only one in stock !)

* Normally 2-3 weeks turn around time once ordered

* Now available in # 2 Sizes (Medium Approx 73 in. Overall or  Large 83 in. Overall)  

Color:  Comes in two colors - Natural Red Oak or Blackw/ Red (Black Stain Oak)  

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