Qing Dynasty Straight Sword

Qing Dynasty Straight Sword (Awesome Tai Chi Sword)-Rated ****

Qing Dynasty Straight Sword   (Rated: ****)

This Qing Dynasty Sword from Long Chuan Sword Factory in China. 

This straight sword has a high carbon steel hollow ground blade that will flex to 90°.

It is well balanced and a great sword for Tai Chi and other martial arts straight sword practice.

The Qing Dynasty Swords full tang blade has the sword factory logo, Chinese Characters for Tai Chi with the Ying Yang Symbol on one side and the other side has the seven stars.

This Tai Chi straight sword is available in 28 in., 30 in., and 32 in. blade lengths.

The swords fittings, guard and pommel are solid brass.

The wood handle and scabbard are made of Oak stained dark rich brown. A free carrying case and tassel are included with each sword which cannot be returned for an exchange. Please refer to the chart below for the approximate sword specifications:

Blade Sword Weight Sword N Scabbard  Balance Point Handle
28" 1.38 lbs. 2.24 lbs. Tip of Guard 5.5"
30" 1.4 lbs. 2.25 lbs. Tip of Guard 5.5"
32" 1.5 lbs. 2.4 lbs. 1" on blade side