Shaolin Iron Palm Kit

* Shaolin Iron Palm Kit

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Regular Order (includes)

* Shaolin Iron Palm Kit Includes a Beginner Bean Bag & Intermediate Gravel Bag-

* Plus: #2- Chinese liniments (Iron Palm & Iron Fist)


* Beginning level training bags are filled with mung beans (Chinese green beans) to provide good resistance for the strike, conditioning the skin and muscle.

These bags when struck will produce a powder from the mung beans to help prevent injury to the hands.
Weight: 5 pounds - 11 in. x 10 in.

* Intermediate level training bags are filled with special sized smooth round shaped natural gravel. After 3 months of training with the mung beans, the skin and muscles have built up a strong foundation.

The practitioner is now ready to move on to gravel to condition the ligaments and bones.
Weight: 9 pounds - 11 in. x 10 in.

* Advance level training bags are made with double-ply light weight canvas that are filled with chrome-free, oil-free, and dust free special select sized steel shot, with a small percentage of mung beans to help the steel shots float while striking the bag.

This method will help protect the hands from injury during training.
Weight: 23 pounds 11 in. x 10 in.

Oversized Training Bags - Beginner Level filled with Mung Beans.
Weight: 7.5 pounds - 12 in. x 13 in.

Oversized Training Bags- Intermediate Level filled with Gravel.
Weight: 14 pounds - 12 in. x 13 in.


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