Spring Arm Wing Chun Dummy

Spring Arm Wing Chun Dummy with Vector Stand- Awesome !!!

Product Description: Spring Arm Wing Chun Dummy with Vector Stand

This is ideal when room space is limited and you do not want to mount to your wall.

* This stand with a standard 60” PVC Dummy will accommodate users of average height of 5’10”. For users taller or shorter then 5’10” we can either make you a taller or shorter dummy trunk to proportion your height better.  

* All of our PVC Dummies will work on all of our dummy stands including dummy stands for our wooden dummies.   

 This dummy has a 18" centerline arm high line and a traditional 12 in. centered arm on low line.  This style dummy is ideal for bridge contact at proper distance alowing for more forward advancing footwork.

VECTOR  STAND : 34”X 32”X 7”

WEIGHT : 65 lbs. 


Space Between upper arms and mid arm = 8.5" .
Space Between mid arm and leg = 11" .

Space between the but of the two upper arms = 9"