Strong-Arm Training Target

* Note: (Center) Middle Arm Only. (Arm Length is 14 in.) * Excellent for Wing Chun practice.

* Strong-Arm is (Center) Middle Arm Only designed to fasten onto free standing or hanging bags with the adjustable hook and loop closure, providing a snug fit every time. Practice trapping, blocking, bobbing, weaving and many more techniques with this portable, versatile attachment.

* Strong-Arm is lightweight yet truly lives up to its name by being extremely durable.

* A great aid for solo training as well as line drills. Instructors can now make corrections while the student strikes the Strong-Arm, leaving more time for teaching proper form


  • Designed to fasten onto free standing or hanging bags.
  • Lightweight yet extremely durable.
  • Fits Orginal Wavemasters or Heavy Bags.
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