Tai Chi Application in Traditional Yang Style Long Form dvd

* Dis 1 -In this dvd, you will learn the fighting aspects of Traditional Yang Style Tai Chi.

The principles are based on Tai Chi Classics: to redirect or borrow an opponent's force first, then strike his weak point. 

Tai Chi was originally a Chinese martial art for self-defense. 

 Master Tsao reveals Tai Chi's fighting secrets in an easy-to-understand and use manner. 

* Each posture is demonstrated first, then details teaching its application in self-defense fighting and Push Hands. 

* It is good for self-study or as a useful reference for teachers.  Instructions are given in English.

It is good for self-study, or a good resource for instructor's teaching preparation.  Suggest 30 class hours.  Played by Master Jesse Tsao and Michael Muckin. (Difficulty: Beginner through Advanced Levels)