Tai Chi - Kung Fu Fan -52 Movements-DVD

Tai Chi - Kung Fu Fan 52 Movements-DVD

Taiji Kung Fu Fan dvd, based on the movment of Wushu, having moderately absorbed elements from Peking Opera and dace,s and accompanied by the song of Chinese Kung Fu, it has gained a dynamic and novel style of interchanging between quick and slow movements, and a combination of strength and flexibility.

Consists of 52 movements, Kung Fu Fan--in this DVD, the first part is content introduction, then is the full performances of the kung fu fanForm. from part 4 to part 9 are teaching sections. the last part is full kung fu fanForm performance in back view. Chinese/English- by LI DE YING

The Taiji kung fu fan, with a moderate amount of physical exercises, both are created for senior citizens for their body-building.

The taiji kung fu fan are mutually complementary and don't overlap each other. Compared with the earlier release, the new set has been more varied in content, more difficult in movements, and more striking in the effect of the performance.

Taking into consideration tha tsome people may have difficulties in learning at the beginning, we have provided alternative methods of exercising for some difficult movements.