Tai Chi Ruler with Bag

Tai Chi Tai Chi Ruler with Bag or Tai Chi Bang

Tai Chi Tai Chi Ruler with Bag or Tai Chi Bang

This Premium Tai Chi Ruler comes with a decorative carry bag. Makes a great gift! 

Function: This Tai Chi Ruler with Bag is made of Alexandria Cherry Natural Wood with a sanded surface that curves smoothly in the practitioner’s hands.

* It is ideal to use for training Tai Chi internal exercise.

* It can be used for wrapping, twisting, rolling, fluttering, and many other combinations of techniques with Tai Chi movements.

* It can be used to generate external and internal strength.

* It provides an easy to learn exercise that is easy to feel when practicing and can improve internal strength.

Dimensions: Length 11.5 inch 
Diameter: 2.3 inch

Weight: 0.8 lbs.

Color: Pear Yellow: Original wood, color does not fade

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