Tai Chi Warm ups DVD

Tai Chi Warm ups DVD- Performed by Master Norman Smith * Available on Digital Streaming directly to you.


The Warm Ups is for improving spleen energy and relieving worries, sha is for smoothing lung energy and driving away sadness, chui is for fortifying kidney energy and dispelling fear, and xi is used to unlock the Triple Energizer energy flow to prevent sickness. 

These Tai Chi Warm Up Exercise will nourishing liver energy and soothing anger, and is for strengthening heart energy and calming emotions,

Master Smith is teaching you with references detailed instruction in English with moves being taught in a class room setting.  Time of a full 45 mins. continueous warm-ups.

* (Difficulty: Beginner Level Thru Advance).

**  NEW:   Now Available on Digital Streaming directly to you. (only $20.00)

You can Play it on any screen Device (such as cell phones, Ipad, etc)