Tai Chi Yin Yang Bagua Double Handed Sword

Tai Chi Yin Yang Bagua Double Handed Sword

This Beautiful Ying Yang  Bagua Double Handed Sword is The Ying Yang Double Handed Sword also know as the two handed sword is made by the Shen Guang Long Sword Factory historically known in China for its hand forged swords.

Functionality, weight and balance are paramount considerations in the construction of these long Tai Chi straight swords.

The Ying Yang Double Handed Sword blade is crafted in improved high carbon content steel made to resist moisture and staining with a blade length of 39 in. long.

The overall length of the sword is 51 in. and the handle is 9 in. allowing the wielder to get a firm grip of the handle for easier practice.

The sword blade has moderate flex and is lighter weight then the stiff blade version. The swords balancing point is approximately 4 in. from guard on blade side.

The sword fittings are made of alloy and the handle and scabbard are made of Pear Wood stained rich dark brown giving it a nice traditional refined look.

This Ying Yang Double Handed Sword is the perfect sword for Chinese kung fu traditional style two hand sword forms, practice, demonstrations, and competitions

Approximate Sword Specifications

Sword Length: 39 in.

Flexibility: Moderate flex but no wushu

 Overall Length 51 in., Balance Point 3 in.

Balance Point: 5 in.

Scabbard Length: 40 in.

Guard Width: 4 in.

Edge: Double and unsharpened

Blade Type: Hallow Ground

Wood Material: Stained Rich Dark Brown Pear Wood

Fittings: Alloy

Sword Weight: 180 lbs

Overall Weight (Sword + Scabbard): 2.70

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