Three Section Staff DVD

Three Section Staff DVD

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The Three-Section Staff consists of three short wooden staffs held together by metal links. It is characterized by its high speed and ferocity, along with its flexibility and its continuous circular striking movements. The Three-Section Staff is a very versatile weapon, with the ability to reach and strike out over longer distances as well as perform very well in close quarter combat.Step-by-step instruction of basic techniques includes: figure 8, reverse figure 8, ground hitting, black dragon whips its tail, cloud hand method, and gathering the staffs.

The complete routine is divided into 4 sections for easy learning. Each section is repeated 3 times, first and the whole set with regular and slow motion. The last section of this tape demonstrates applications by teaching you a bonus complete routine - Three-Section Staff vs. Staff weapon sparring.Performed by Liu Bo of the Jiangsu Wushu Team and the National Youth Champion in Three-Section Staff. (50 min.)

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