Traditional Kung fu Meteor Hammer

Traditional Kung fu Meteor Hammer * This is the Real Deal.

The meteor hammer is an exotic Chinese Kung Fu weapon used for long range strikes and short range defensive blocks.

The meteor hammer could be easily concealed as a defensive or surprise weapon, being of a flexible construction. The primary advantage for using a meteor hammer was its sheer speed.

Using a meteor hammer involves swinging it around the body to build up considerable speed, before releasing the meteor to strike at any angle. Since the meteor has two heads, one could be used offensively, while the other could be used to defend, parrying attacks or ensnaring an opponent's weapon to disarm them. When used by a skilled fighter, its speed, accuracy and unpredictability make it a difficult weapon to defend against.

While being swung, a meteor may be wrapped around its user's arms, legs, torso, neck or waist, before being unwrapped by a powerful jerk of the body to deliver a devastating and lightning fast blow. A master is fully capable of striking, ensnaring or strangling from a distance.

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