Traditional Long Quan Tai Chi Dao

Traditional Long Chuan Tai Chi Dao- Excellent Quality (Awesome) * The Real Deal !!!

Product Description:     (Awesome Blade) -Rated ****

* Forges, by the Shen family smiths from combat (high carbon content) steel.

The Shen family Long Chuan Master Sword were praised as national treasure in China by the people of the highest social class.

Its taper is much gentler than the more martial variety and has no flare. Two fullers extend down the blade, one nearly the entire way and one only a fraction of the length.

Approximate Sword Specifications

Handle Length: 8 in.

Approx. Overall Sword Weight:

28 in. 1.85 lbs.

30 in. 1.95 lbs.

32 in. 2.10 lbs.


Balance Point Blade Side Approx : 2 in.

Sword Flexibility: Rigid blade with very little flex

Sword Material: High Carbon Corrosion Resistant Steel

Wood Material: Teak Wood

Fittings: Brass

Sword Blade Blunt

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