Traditional Wax Wood Staff

Traditional Single Tapered Wax Wood Staff

Traditional Wax Wood Staff

Great for practicing forms, this multi-purpose bo has a tapered style and is constructed of durable white wax wood. Weighs approximately 1 lb. 7 oz. with a 1-inch center diameter that tapers to 0.75 inches at the ends.

* Staff (aka Kwun) is a required weapon. With the study of the staff you will learn techniques that will help you with other weapons.

The Traditional Single Tapered Wax Wood Staff gives you balance and coordination along with controlled eye hand control.

The staff is among the first tools used by early man to help him survive.

It is said that around 517 A.D., the Zen Buddhist priest Daruma Daishi brought into effect fluent use of the kwun.

The staff is a good weapon because it makes you to learn to use both hands--Durable and strong, naturally white wood,

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