Twin Broadswords DVD

Twin Broadswords DVD

The broadsword is one of the main weapons of Chinese martial arts. It has been popular since primitive times, when early warriors used stone and bone knives. Use of twin swords for fighting has been recorded in history from the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644 CE.)

Twin Broadswords begins with step-by-step instructions of the basic techniques. Then the complete routine is divided into 4 sections for easy learning.

These sections are broken down into clear lessons of about 10 movements each. Slow motion and reverse angles clearly reveal each movement. The last section of this tape demonstrates applications by teaching you a bonus complete routine - twin broadswords vs. spear weapon sparring. Zhao Chun was selected into the Jiangsu Wushu Team at very young age.

He has won many awards and trophies in past years, and has also traveled to many different countries to demonstrate wushu. His achievements have earned him the nickname "Twin-Broadsword King" among his teammates (50 min.)

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