Two-Piece Kwan Dao

Two-Piece Kwan Dao- 9 lbs. (Great For Travel.

Product Description:

* This kwan dao is constructed with stainless steel blade, shaft, and counterpoint, with the fittings made of brass.

This weapon can be disassembled to two pieces, making it perfect for travel or storage. When assembled, this kwan dao is very sturdy and perfectly capable of being used as any other kwan dao.

The weapon is assembled easily by simply screwing the two halves together, creating a very strong and sturdy bond.

This weapon is highly recommended for those who travel or international customers who wish to purchase a kwan dao, as the disassembled weapon saves on shipping costs.

* the blade is one part and the handle is another part. It makes a lot easy for you to carry is "BIG" weapon. 

* It's approximately 6.5 FT. in. overall length.