Wing Chun Butterfly Swords

Wing Chun Butterfly Swords aka Butterfly Knives

Product Description: -  (Awesome Choice) Rated ****  

* Handles Wrappes may vary ion color   

These Han Ding Double Butterfly Knives is currently the highest quality butterfly knives that we carry by far!

* Built with premium 1/8 in. thick Hight Carbon Steel (able to be sharpened) and cast-brass handles and hand guard, the weight of the sword is on the heavier side and well-balanced, making it a perfect choice for traditional Wing Chun/Kung Fu practitioners.

* The swords come with cloth grips for comfort. Towards the ridge of the sword, there are two thin grooves for decoration.

If you are thinking of collecting or practicing with high quality weapons, the Han Ding Double Butterfly Knives is the best choice in its category.

Blade Details:

Sword weight (Single)

1.8 lbs

Sword weight (pair)

3.6 lbs

Blade length


Handle length


Total length