Wing Chun Little Fist Training DVD

Wing Chun Little Fist Training-DVD

Description : Wing Chun is the major Southern Chinese boxing system and was popularized in the Western world by Bruce Lee. The effectiveness of Wing Chun has been proven many times over for both its self-defense prowess and its internal health benefits. Peng Shusong, successor to the renowned Peng Nan, teaches Xiao Lian Tou, Little Fist Training (Peng style Wing Chun), which is the first skill set that all Wing Chun practitioners should master.

It is essential to practice Xiao Lian Tou in order to fully grasp Wing Chun. Proper practice of Xiao Lian Tou provides correct elbow position as well as the essentials for central body protection and the methods of offensive and defensive movements. The instruction on this DVD includes several angles of the form as well as applications-60+min

(Note: This DVD has a Chinese audio track with subtitles available in English, Mandarin and Cantonese.)   

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