Wing Chun Seeking Bridge DVD

Wing Chun Seeking Bridge DVD

Description : Wing Chun is the major Southern Chinese boxing system and was popularized in the Western world by Bruce Lee. The effectiveness of Wing Chun has been proven many times over for both its self-defense prowess and its internal health benefits. Peng Shuzao, a successor to the renowned Peng Nan, teaches Seeking Bridge, Chum Kiu (Peng style Wing Chun).

Seeking Bridge is the 2nd set of techniques that a Wing Chun Practitioner should learn in his quest for mastery of the art.Its movements include hand, foot and leg attacks and defenses all taught in great detail with numerous breakdowns. Special DVD bonus: rare footage of Wing Chun Grandmaster Pan Nam demonstrating Seeking Bridge and previews of other DVDs in the Wing Chun Series.

(Note: This DVD has a Chinese audio track with subtitles available in English, Mandarin and Cantonese.)

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