Wing Chun Shooting Fingers DVD

Wing Chun Shooting Fingers DVD

Description : Biao Zhi (Biu Jee, Bil Ji), also know as Shooting Fingers, is the third empty hand form. It teaches hand and leg recovery movements, the use of your personal horizontal axis, and the further development of internal energy.

Traditionally, Biao Zhi was kept secret and taught only to the most advanced, loyal and dedicated "closed-door" students. On this DVD, Guo Shunchi, a successor to Master Peng Nan, teaches the Wing Chun Shooting Fingers Form in great detail and with expert skill. "Biao" literally means to thrust.

The practitioner is able to use the entire body to deliver force, training the body to thrust with each strike, even though the body often does not appear to move. Every strike results from an explosive release of energy. "Zhi" literally means "point of extremities" of fingers. At this level the practitioner is focused on delivering explosive energy to the striking surface at the outer boundary, regardless of what the striking surface is: fingers, fists, palms, elbows, knees, or feet-60+min

(Note: This DVD has a Chinese audio track with subtitles available in English, Mandarin and Cantonese.)

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