Wushu Whipstick Bo Staff

Wushu Whipstick Bo Staff- made of waxwood

Product Description:

Wushu Whipstick Bo Staff Perfect for Wushu, Kung fu (Demostration and Competitios)

The Whipstick is a wooden short stick, made of wax wood staff) the length is about the user's arm plus one elbow (about 48 inch -56 inch), one end is slightly thicker, the other end is slightly thinner, and the thicker end is called "Put", the slender end is called "saw".

Wushu Whipsticks can be practiced alone or in pairs (such as "whipstick sparring").

* The basic routines of whipsticks include "13 whip", "36 whip", "gyro whip" and so on.

* During the drill, hold the whip with one or both hands, and use the tip at the same time, often changing hands.

6 sizes available! 

  • 48 inch
  • 50 inch
  • 52 inch
  • 54 inch
  • 56 inch
  • 58 inch

  • We can cut them down yourself to any size!

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