Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Ultimate Winning Techniques-DVD

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Ultimate Winning Techniques-DVD


This 2 DVD set presents the most effective fighting systems that really work in uncertain environments and on hard surfaces. Instructed by leading American author of brazilian Jiu-Jitsu books and internationally recognized instructor, Gane Simco, who uses his expertise and years of experience in multiple martial arts disciplines to help both beginners and advenced students, regardless of style and age, understund what to expect and how to prevail in fight-ening life sytuations.

Instruction including: – Standing Techniques for defeating strikes, takedowns and escaping standing holds. – Attacks from above like guard passing, hold downs, submissions and back attacks. – Using your guard for defense, sweeps and submissions. – Escapes and unbreakable leg locks – Interactive Menu and chapter selection. – Instructed by renown Martial Artist and published American author Gene Simco – Easy to learn, easy to practice for all ages and levels – 2 DVD Set includes highlights and tips.-200 min.