Chinese calligraphy brush set

Chinese calligraphy brush set

Product Description:

Complete set for beginner 

Two brushes

Liquid ink and ink stick

Rewritable writing cloth

Chinese Calligraphy Brush Set Included:

#1- 2 Brushes

#2-Liquid Ink

#3-Ink Stick

#4-Plastic Ink Holder

#5Clean Water Bottle

#6-  5 Sheets Of Practicing Paper(Xuanzhi/Rice Paper)

#7-Brushes Rest Holder

#8-Re-writable writing cloth

Water Writing Cloth is the latest economic and practical product.

You only need brush and clean water to write and you will see the same effect just like writing on Chinese calligraphy paper(xuan paper/rice paper). After several minutes, it will quickly recover like original one. And you don't need to deal with Ink splash trouble anymore, Can Be Used Repeatly.

The Chinese characters will be invisable after several minutes, well protect it and you can use thousands of time. Help Chinese calligraphy lovers save chinese rice paper and Chinese ink.