Da Dao with Dragon Design

Da Dao with Dragon Design- AKA known as the head chopper

Product Description:

This Da dao with Dragon design is also known as the head chopper.

The Da Dao used as a fighting weapon which closely resembles the common machete, was often associated with town militias and other untrained forces. This Da dao has a hand drawn brass inlay Dragon Design.

It is an authentic weapon that is made out of high carbon steel which makes it easy to hone a sharp edge. The handle and pommel is solid steel wrapped with a semi thick black cotton cloth.

The blades spine starts off 1/4 in. thick in diameter to 1/8 in.. The length of the blade is 26 3/4 in. with an overall length of 40.5" and weighs approximately 4.30 lbs.

The blade is mildly sharp which makes it practical for practice. The Da dao is an ideal sword for any martial arts practitioner.