Double Tiger Hook Swords - Light Weight

Double Tiger Hook Swords -Light Weight

Product Description:

* Also known as Tiger Hook Swords, this is one of the most common of the exotic weapons.

Several styles use these type of swords in their traditional weapon line up, and routines are designed to perform weilding one sword in each hand.

Made with light steel our twin tigerhead hooks are chrome plated. Total length is approximately 38 inches. Sold as a pair.

These swords are great for everyday training, competitions or demonstrations.

  • Available in #3- sizes available:
Small size: 35 in. over all length 
Regular sixe: 37.5 in. over all length.
Weight: Approximately 1.2 – 1.25 ib.
Blade: Approximately 24 in.

Come with Black Carrying Case.
Blade: Approximately 24 in.

* Sold as a pair.