G-Force Illuminator Nunchaku - Green

G-Force Illuminator Nunchaku - Green

Key Features

  • Sold SET OF 2 PAIR.
  • Lightweight.
  • High Quality.
  • Link Chain.
  • Handmade

The Illuminator Nunchucks – These colors shimmer and change with the light and movement. These one of a kind performance weapons are definitely going to leave a lasting impression with everyone!

Available in the following base colors: Blue, Red, Yellow, Orange, & Green.

These chucks are unique because they have a chain link and a 360 degree swivel where each chain connects to the chucks allowing great ease with tricks, rolls and spins. The handles are hard wood and they are lighter, thinner and more streamlined which is perfect for the extreme and creative practitioner and far more durable. With the unique design, you will stand out from the crowd. You get a pair of chucks (one for each hand) with each order. Price is for a pair.

- Lightweight.
- High Quality.
- Custom Color w/stripes.
- Link Chain.
- Handmade.