G-Force Predator Demonstration Kamas

* G-Force Predator Demonstration Kamas

Key Features

  • Made of select light woods.
  • 14 in. overall length with 7 in. aluminum blade.
  • 4" blade on bottom creates a unique weapon.
  • Gripping tape offer excellent control of the weapon.
  • Designed by weapons expert Joey Greenhalgh.
  • Hand crafted in USA.

Add some flash to your kama demonstrations with these hand crafted G-Force Predator switchblade kamas. Made by hand, each aluminum blade is cut using laser precision technology and hand polished to a mirror shine. The bottom of the handle features a polished spike to add to the unique double-bladed design. Each handle is made of lightweight, individually hand cut and sanded wood and grip wrapped to help reduce slippage. The handle is then decorated in color and chrome. Perfectly balanced. Made in the USA. Measures 14 in. overall length. Sold in pairs.