Hakama Pants

* Hakama Pants * Colors: Navy Blue or Black.

Pleated skirtlike trousers historically worn by Samurai to hide leg movements and give the illusion of floating.

Koshiato in back attaches ties for fit at waist. Students of modern kendo, aikido, iaido, and some styles of jujitsu wear the hakama. 65% Polyester - 35% Rayon. Century Martial Arts Brand.

Hakama pants are measured and sized by out seam length. All pants have approximately 19" front rise measurements

Length = From Outer Hip to You Ankle. Waist is not important.

Size:2  - 38 1/4 inch length
Size:3  - 40 1/4 inch length
Size:4  - 42 1/2 inch length
Size:5  - 45 inch length