Heavy Weight Training Kwan Dao

Heavy Weight Training Kwan Dao Aprox. Weight: 29 lbs. *** Out Of Stock

*** * Out Of Stock***

Heavy Weight Training Kwan Dao is made of Stainless Steel; even the shaft is stainless steel to match the weight and support needed by the heavy weighted blade.

The blade starting at approximately 1/2 in. thick tapering to approximately 1/4 in. at tip and is polished to a  satin finish with an attached brass dragon head and guard. 

The shaft is approximately 1 1/4 in. in diameter and painted with black and gold enamel paint.  

The blade is slightly sharp at edge.

Overall length: 85.5 in.
Blade length: 26 in.
Handle length including the end piece: 60 in.
Handle diameter: 1.25 in.
Aprox. Weight: 29 lbs.