High Quality Straight Sword Tassels

* High Quality Straight Sword Tassel

These heavyweight, high quality tassels are the perfect addition to your combat or practical straight sword.

Sword Tassels were traditionally used to distract an opponent, particularly when used to swat at the opponent's face, followed quickly by the blade. When used this way, the tassel becomes a rearward extension of the sword, straight opposite from the blade. The opponent sees the tassel and not the blade, which follows quickly afterward with a snap of the wrist.

* Certain sword forms indeed emphasize the tassel as the primary method of attack. Additionally, when practicing the tassel moves in a continuous, fluid motion, provided that the sword itself is moved correctly - continuously and fluidly. This provides not only a training aid for checking one’s movements, but is also a beautiful expression of one’s art.

Available in white, yellow or red, each tassel is made from high-weight string. Adorned with gold beads and imitation pearl, along with the traditional rope flower design, these stunning tassels compliment any high-quality straight sword.

Small tassel: 18 in.  long; 2.5 oz.

Large tassel approximately 38-39 in. long; 5.5 oz

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