Hy-Gens shoes

Hy-Gens shoes -Adult Black (Social Distance) Prevent Germs

Description (Social Distance) * Perfect 

Key Features

  • Machine washable.
  • Protects from skin problems.
  • Form fit.
  • Indoor Use only.

About This Item
This machine washable shoe form fits your foot like a glove for protection. It’s the only martial arts shoe that is reversible and can be worn on the floor. Hy-Gens™ protects your students from skin problems and is odor free. It’s so thin it can be worn with sparring gear or in place of socks on the way to the dojo.

The black & white version has a strap across the top of the foot to help provide a snug fit. The non-slip, non-grip sole allows for easy movement while training. We feel student enrollment will increase by eliminating the problems associated with bare foot training. Please note: Not responsible for rips or tears due to outdoor use. Hy-Gens is strictly and indoor shoe.