Iron Palm Liniment - 2 oz

* Iron Palm Liniment - 2 oz

Product Description:

Our Iron Palm formula brings chi energy up to the hands to strengthen the skin, flesh, and bones of the hand against the incredible force of impact generated by an Iron Palm attack. Hua T'os Eight Immortal's Iron Palm was originally designed to protect the hands against shock and tissue damage when striking raw iron ore, however, its value is in no way diminished today.

When first conditioning the hands it will prevent the skin from becoming calloused and insensitive. In the later stages of training, as more chi energy is brought up into the hands, it will prevent common energy problems like knots, stagnation and constricted flow. Apply Iron Palm to the whole hand and wrist, even the forearms if they too are being struck.

At first it will be sticky, but as you begin striking the herbal resins will be forced into the pores, actually sealing the skin from external perverse energy. It will be noticed that the effects of this liniment will continue long after each workout. The hands instead of becoming numb and insensitive, will gain a silken touch

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