Kung Fu Wax Wood Spear with 10 in Head

Kung Fu Wax Wood Spear with 10 in Head *** OUT OF STOCK ***

Product Description:   

Spear Head Size:

Size Name Tip Length Total Length Weight
10 inch Regular Spear Head   7.5 in. 4 inch 10 inch 3.5 oz

General guidelines for Competition kung fu spear’s length:

The length of the spear must not be shorter than the distance from the ground to the tip of the athlete’s middle finger when standing with arm lifted upright vertically. 

Made from 2nd Generation Wax Wood Cudgel with Competition 16 holes Spear Head.  Please check the the 2nd Generation Wax Wood Cudgel.

light weight spear head. 

Use this 2nd Generation Wax wood Spear to save your money VS the Carbon Fiber Spear!

Available Length:

  • 72 inch
  • 74 inch
  • 79 inch
  • 83 inch
  • 85 inch
  • 89.5 inch 
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