Miao Dao Sword - Damascus Steel

Damascus Steel Miao Dao Sword

This beautiful sword features antique brass fittings, and uniquely designed. The blade is forged by the bai lian hua wen gang (百炼花纹钢) "water wave pattern damascus steel” technique. Ebony wood handle and scabbard.

* Sword Blade Lenght: 43 inch (Sharp)
* Total Sword Length: 61 inch
*Sword Weight: 4.3 lbs. 
* Sword and Scabbard Weight: 6.3 lbs.

In ancient China this type of blade was also called "hua tie" or "wen tie",  flower iron or wave mark iron. Polishing the steel shows distinct patterns appearing like water wave, cloud, wood grain, or jasmine flower. The oldest record of this sword technique goes back to the Han Dynasty, it was also used during the Tang, Song, Ming, and Quing Dynasties.