Premium Design Martial Arts Weapon Carrying Bag, Single Layer

Premium Design Martial Arts Weapon Carrying Bag, Single Layer
  • Description:
    • Made out of 1690D Double-Stranded Oxford Fabric (a strong tensile strength and abrasion resistance, noble luster) with PVC Coating making this Weapon Carrying Bag strong, durable, and resistant to wear and tear and also waterproof. The very bottom of the bag contains a strong rubber padding to prevent damage from long time use.
    • Interior: The bag has thoughtful interiors with organizational features, pockets, tie-down straps and more. The interior of the bag has thick internal padding to protect all your weapons. It also has buckle straps to hold your weapon in the right position and also contains a bottom net pocket to hold the bottom of your weapon to keep it in place. There is a thick padding divider to separate and protect weapons from damage.
    • Exterior: Exterior has pockets and organization features for things such as phones, bottles, chain whips and many more items. The exterior also has additional zipper with sturdy compartments to hold such things as kungfu fans, nun chucks or shorter weapons. All exterior compartments have additional padding to protect your items. On the side of this bag, there is an additional net pocket to hold water bottles. This bag comes with a long Nylon bag for your spear or staff with a special compartment on the side for you to place it in with Velcro closure. When not in use, you can place the spear/staff bag in the side compartment with the Velcro closure. This bag also features a moveable handle strap for balance when holding the carrying case with Velcro strap closure.
    • Dimension:

      Length: 42 inches
      Thickness: inches
      Width 5 inches          

      Front Zipper Pockets:

      Top Small Pocket: 
      Length: 10 inches
      Thickness: 1 inches
      Width: 5 inches

      Bottom Big Pocket: 
      Length: 16 inches
      Thickness: 1 inches
      Width: 5 inches