Sun Style Tai Chi Sword DVD

* Sun Style Tai Chi Sword (Difficulty: Beginner to Advanced Levels)

 The Sun Style Tai Chi Sword is one of the most popular routines practiced in China. 

* The Sun Style Sword form, “San Cai Jian”, is a very important part of sun style taiji, and it has been around for as long as sun style traditional hand form. 

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What makes this sword form unique and interesting is that it is divided into two parts and these two parts have matching martial applications i.e., attack and defend, and therefore can form a duo practice like Tui Shou (pushing hands).

 Master Norman Smith will demonstrate the form in full. then step by step with the names of each movement.

It means that one will develop a deeper appreciation for method of sword technique and use of mind and body. 

The form fully reflects and utilizes the sword as a lethal weapon which is unusual in most of other taiji weapon routines.  Therefore, Because of this special feature, this sword form is suitable for those who have good few training experiences. 

Master Smith shares his expertise, teaching you with references detailed instruction in English with moves being taught in a class room setting.


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* Master Smith is available seminar(s) Contact: 610-631-9200

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