Taekwondo Ancient Wisdom for the Modern Warrior Book

* Taekwondo Ancient Wisdom for the Modern Warrior * Doug Cook-Ymaa

Although millions of people around the world practice the fascinating art of Taekwondo, so little is known about its history, principles or philosophy.

It is time to find out just what Taekwondo is all about  Learn how principles such as honor, perseverance, and dedication will enhance your daily life, how the philosophical and physical tenets combine to form not only a way of living, but a solid system of self-defense, and why these concepts are not just quaint ideals, but more important than ever in today's age.

Taekwondo's Ancient Wisdom is not only a 'must read' for every practitioner of any other martial art, but for everyone who seeks to learn from our collective past to better navigate through today's confusing times.

Includes a thorough history of Taekwondo.Discover exactly what having a black belt is all about.

Learn a simple way of meditation that will benefit any martial artist.Discover the difference between the martial arts as an 'art' and as a 'sport'