Tai Chi Dao -Damascus Steel Blade

The Master's Tai Chi Dao- Damascus Steel Blade - Rated *****

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:  (The Best Blade- Awesome Blade)

This Tai Chi Dao Broadsword is the official competition Master level sword.  

The blade is semi-flexible but will hold its own weight.  The wood for the scabbard is a rich brown dark with solid cast brass fittings.

 The Tai Chi Dao Broadsword blades available in 2 lengths (Sizes 30.25 in. & 32.5 in.)

Approximate Blade Length: 30.25 in.

Approximate Total Length: 40.25 in.

Approximate Weight (Sword Only): 2.10 lbs.

Approximate Total Weight (Sword and Scabbard): 3.75 lbs.


Approximate Blade Length: 32.5 in.

Approximate Total Length: 42.5 in.

Approximate Weight (Sword Only): 2.05 lbs.

       Aproximate Total Weight

    Sword and Scabbard): 3.75 lbs.