Tai Chi Straight Cutting Sword

Tai Chi Straight Cutting Sword

This Tai Chi Straight Cutting Sword was Designed by noted marital artist and teacher Scott Rodell, the Chinese Cutting Sword provides a purpose-built weapon for the art of cutting in Yang-style taiji jian. 

Utilizing a special steel formulation and heat treatment regimen developed by Hanwei, the blade optimizes edge hardness and body toughness, ideal characteristics in a cutting sword. 

The elegantly simple steel fittings reinforce the sword's mission, in providing uncluttered lines while still remaining true to tradition. 

The black leather-over-cranberry rayskin grip ensures secure handling.  A rosewood scabbard with fittings matching the hilt completes an attractive package.

Approximate Blade Length:  30 in.

Blade: Sharpened

Swords Handle: 7 in.

Total Approximate Length:  40 in.

Approximate Weight:  2.15 lbs.