Tai Chi / Wushu Pants -Poly cotton

Tai Chi / Wushu (Kung fu) Pants -Poly cotton

Product Description

The Tai Chi/ Wushu pants twill pants are made from a light weight fabric providing you with additional comfort while attending the practice sessions.

* This makes it easier for you to execute the movements properly allowing you to focus completely on the moves.

* The pants are tailor-made for those living in hotter climates. The pants come with an elastic and adjustable rope preventing it from falling down while practicing.

* This allows to worry less about getting the pant up on the waist and focus more on the moves being performed or taught. The pants also come with a double stitch crotch.

* The pants are roomly cut which also allows that additional degree of comfort and ease of performing moves. The ankles have elastic to prevent the performers from losing their balance.

*  These pants are perfect for daily use.