Taiji Capture DVD

Taiji Capture DVD

Description : Taiji Capture includes 30 locking, takedown and throwing techniques against various attacks including arm, wrist, hand and shoulder grabs from the front and rear. Instructor Zhang Dongwu teaches you how to neutralize each attack and take control of the attacker with a wrist locks, armlocks, takedowns and throws.

Each technique is based on the principles of taiji and utitlizes a variety of methods including carving, capturing, locking, clasping, wrenching, twisting and slicing. (note: Instruction is in Chinese with English subtitles.)

Techniques taught: Step forward, shoulder push (against punch) Close inward and pick downward (against punch) Reverse punch (against punch) Throw off upward (against punch) Part the wild horse's mane (against punch) Take the whip leg (3 variations,against a kick) Kick on the flank side (2 variations,against a kick) Leg throw against a bear hug (2 variations) Hip throw against a bear hug (2 variations) Head throw against a grab Arm throw against a grab Chest throw against a push Bend the leg and kick Break back throw-50min