Three Kingdom Broadsword

Three Kingdom Broadsword - Awesome sword ***

Three Kingdom Broadsword (Semi Stiff Blade)

Our newest arrival, Three Kingdom Broadsword featuring a semi stiff carbon steel blade. Blade lengths available in 28 in., 30 in., 31 in., 32 in., 34 in., and 35.5 in. .

This Three Kingdom Broadsword is made by the legendary Long Quan Shen Family Forge in China. Now you can practice your Kung Fu with an authentic feeling sword. These broadswords include a free carrying case and flags that cannot be returned for an exchange.

The Three Kingdom Broadsword blades spine starts at 3/8" thick tapering to the tip.

The Hardwood handle and scabbard are dark rich brown. The weights, balancing point, overall length, and handle length are specified in the chart below.  The broadswords are hand forged so specs can change slightly with each sword.

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